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Music Moves Capt Zerbin Singleton, USMC

"Music has been essential to my life."

Name: Zerbin Singleton

Rank: Captain

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Location: Camp Pendleton, California

"Music has been essential to my life," United States Marine Corps Captain Zerbin Singleton explained. "Music brings out those feelings and emotions that some activities just can't bring out.

"Music, I believe, brings all types of people together, no matter your culture, your job, and it affects all types of emotions," he added.

Singleton says music is usually blasting through the speakers at the maintenance department and credits the tunes he hears with stoking his already burning desire to keep "the Marines going" and it's an essential "driving force" for taking things to the next level.

And his passion for music crosses over to his personal life, as well; Singleton not only listens to music at work, but also when he hits the gym. "It's going to make me get those extra reps," he said, signaling his desire to go beyond his goals. "It's going to make me get the extra mile."

As far as what a Marine is? Singleton says without an inch of a doubt: "Honor and courage and commitment—those are the key elements to making a great Marine. Courage to me is having that inner strength to overcome difficult situations. The definition of honor to me is doing what's right all the time no matter the consequences."

And for this, REVOLT salutes you.

Find out how music impacts his daily operation.

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