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Gizzle: Orlando Should Be A Wakeup Call To Us All

The singer/songwriter pens an essay calling for patience and understanding.

Miguel Discart // Miguel Discart

First, I would like to send my deepest condolences to victims and families of this most tragic incident in Orlando. It saddens me to have to acknowledge of the amount of hatred and prejudice that still exists in our country. However, I think as a community and society as a whole we do have to recognize that ignorance and discrimination does run deep in the veins of select individuals and communities. By accepting this reality, I think then we can then make some informed decisions about how we will react and carry ourselves. Like the late great Dr. King said, "Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

So we need not respond to the hate shown against innocent members of one community by further generalizing and perpetuating hate toward the members of another. We must show deep compassion and understanding when trying to fathom some of these atrocities that plague our country as of late. Incidents of racial and social injustice and intolerance that often result in the loss of innocent lives are growing very common. Being that we are citizens of such an advanced nation, this should be an wake up call to us all. However, we cannot allow incidents like this to change the fabric of our souls. We must continue to practice and promote love and peace among all races and religions, despite origin or sexual orientation.

We also cannot let these situations instill fear in us or result in the loss of our rights as American citizens. The biggest mistake would be to let this breed more distrust within our communities. Our strength will come from our ability to unify and support one another. We have to use this not only as a moment of mourning and reflection, but as a chance for education and tuning into what's really going on in the world. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities in Orlando and all around the world that are impacted by this tragedy. Love and light to all.

Gizzle is a gay artist and songwriter. She was raised by her grandmother in the South Central area of Los Angeles right down the street from the University of Southern California. At a very young age, Gizzle sought to escape her surroundings through her music. She began writing poems and song lyrics on any piece of paper she could find; this would include envelopes, her homework, and even toilet paper. Currently, she's featured on Puff Daddy's "You Could Be My Lover" single from his MMM album

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