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"What They Really Want" Was A Masterpiece

Sixteen years ago, DMX introduced his Thot Roll Call and lit up the summer.

Armani Ortiz // REVOLT News

The summer of 2000 was a hot one.

Then a rapper by the name of DMX teamed up with Sisqó the Dragon and made it even hotter. Sixteen years ago, X released “What They Really Want?” the third single from his third album, …And Then There Was X.

For some odd reason, it peaked at no. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100, but today we gather to pay the respect it deserves.

It starts with a simple storyline: X is like, ma we just here to have fun. As a matter of fact, X says he dips the instant they start to catch feelings — not a moment later.

Let’s agree that in 2016, there would be outrage over a chorus with the lines “What these bitches want from a nigga?” But what else would we expect from Earl Simmons, a man who is reportedly expecting his 13th child?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s also agree that the highlight of “What They Really Want” is the thot roll call housed in the second verse. (Thot feels appropriate here solely due to the line, "Come on ma, you know I got a wife." There was no innocent party.)This is before the era of Drake’s coded lexicon, and subtlety was not DMX’s style. X carefully detailed his flings, even including identifying details like meeting in an ice cream parlor. Memorizing this portion was a badge of honor. So if you know it, sing along.:

"There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia

Dawn, LeShaun, Ines and Alicia

Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki

Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky (damn)

Cookie, well I met her in a ice cream parlor

Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla

Marina, Selena, Katrina, Sabrina

About three Kims (WHAT?) LaToya and Tina

Shelley, Bridget, Cathy, Rasheeda

Kelly, Nicole, Angel, Juanita

Stacy, Tracie, Ronna and Ronda

Donna, Yolanda, Tawana and Wanda"

Though X was very busy, he made sure to let us know “they were all treated fairly.”

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