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Nine Times Nick Jonas Felt Your Pain About Love

Lessons from the singer's "complicated" year.

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Last Year Was Complicated for Nick Jonas. Lucky for us, he gleaned some damn good music from his hard knocks. The release of his third solo album continues Jonas's run of releasing solid R&B-tinged pop music.

And don't let the boyish face fool you—this album is a gritty take on the love life of a grown-ass man, who's been linked with everyone from Miss Universe (Olivia Culpo) to Kate Hudson (nearly 10 years his senior).

Here are nine lessons from the album we all can relate to that Nick learned about love.

When he realized he was a fuckboy and that's why she didn't let him hit:

"I was so foolish/ On some stupid shit ... I'll never get over not getting under you." ("Under You")

On good ole makeup sex:

"How did our clothes end up on the floor?/ Didn't we just break each other's hearts?" ("Champagne Problems")

When he figured out what people really mean when they said they need "space":

"Space was just a word made up someone who's afraid to get too close." ("Close" feat. Tove Lo)

When random shit becomes mad sentimental after bae leaves:

"I'll take a chainsaw to my sofa where I held your body close for so long/ I'm gonna break the fuckin' china 'cause it's just one more reminder you're gone." ("Chainsaw")

On that dumb-ass cliché:

"Better to fall in love and lose/ Wish I didn't have to choose." ("Champagne Problems")

When he figured out his ex wasn't slick:

"Keep finding things that you left on purpose/ Did you plan it? Your timing's perfect." ("Chainsaw")

When ol' girl was playing mind games and he wasn't with it:

"Talk about another man that you've been talkin' to/ Just to see if I'll get mad and I'll fight for you. But that's not me." ("Unhinged")

When he wanted someone whose first question isn't "So what do you do?":

"I'm just tryna kick it with the girl in the back, who don't give a damn/ If I'm J from Brooklyn, or just in the band/ It's all the same, it's all the same in her eyes." ("Comfortable")

OK, maybe we don't know what it's like to be a superstar trying to balance a relationship and fame, but shit, you're busy, too right?:

"Don't make me choose/ Between my left hand and my right/ Don't make me choose/ Between my love and my life/ Either way I lose." ("Don't Make Me Choose")

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