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Usher's New Album Needs To Hurry Up And Come Out

He's been teasing us for three years. What gives?

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

By Jonathan Hailey

R&B veteran Usher has given his fans a reason to get hyped. Having dropped two dope new singles in two days—one being the Young Thug-assisted "No Limit" and the other a solo effort titled "Crash"—excitement is building because the songs could insinuate that Ursh is finally about to drop a new album.

However, there's cause for a pause. Usher's been talking about doing that for three years and an album has yet to materialize. So, what's the hold up, dude?

Back in 2013, the singer announced he was tooling around in the studio on his eighth project. "Good Kisser" from 2014 came out and blazed a trail to No.1 on the charts, but still? No album. While follow-up single "She Came To Give It To You," released just two months later, wasn't as well-received as its predecessor, it kept the momentum going. Then, later that same year, Usher linked up with Juicy J for the supportive stripper anthem "I Don't Mind," which topped the charts, too. But still? Nothing. He even went on a 27-city tour, the UR Experience, to support the album that never was.

What made the whole thing worse was that, while prepping for the tour, he did radio interviews admitting he had nothing to promote and just wanted to touch the fans. Many likely thought, "Usher, how about you just give us the album you promised us? We're tired of waiting!" But wait is what we continued to do because its roll-out was slower than a moving snail covered in molasses.

Finally, earlier this year, there was some progress. But not much. We learned that the name of the album was changed from UR to Flawed, and that its release date would fall in April. But April came and went. The several delays led many to speculate: Had Usher lost his touch? Did the label keep rejecting his album because it needed more hits? What could the issue be?

But now he's back with these two new songs and both are bangers. Maybe Usher had to figure out his place in the ever-changing landscape of R&B. It's the one genre where emphasis is placed on youth and Usher's been in the game since 1992, which puts him in the weird position of going from a veteran to an elder statesman in the game. Aging is harder for some more than others, but it looks like Usher's finally found his footing and is cooking up some heat.

All I know is that if Flawed doesn't find its way to retailers sometime this year, Usher will have even more explaining to do. So come on, Ursh, stop playing with us and drop the damn album. NOW!

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