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New Music Roundup: Radiohead, Elujay & Cash Campain

Catch today's wave.

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Radiohead, "Burn The Witch"

That the seminal millennial auteurs of existential dread and psychospiritual yearning have returned is in itself a cause for celebration—especially since 2011's The King Of Limbs was a step off their every-release-a-classic pace from 1997's The Bends through 2007's _In Rainbows. _And thankfully, "Burn The Witch," a long-gestating track that's made the rounds in live shows, is far more than just place-filler: Featuring warm (then sinister) pizzicato string arrangements by resident orchestral maestro Jonny Greenwood (who's honed his chops as filmmaker PT Anderson's go-to score composer), a blaring bass line, and Thom Yorke's ineffable moan, "Burn" puts the world on notice: RADIOHEAD BACK, at a time that the sociopolitical landscape needs them desperately, and they sound like they want to make music for humans, by humans, with melodic appeal and lurking menace. This is music with heart and taste and brains and swagger that's also visually addressing the European refugee crisis and it's like, thank you for coming back Radiohead, but also please don't go away until we figure this world out, OK? —Amrit Singh

Elujay, "Flagrant" Feat. YMTK

California rapper and producer Elujay dropped a slapper with the release of "Flagrant." As a nice follow up to his "Soul Food" collaboration with Chicago artist Saba, Elujay brought another chill-vibed single for the summer. This one has a faster pace than the previous single. The additional trumpet solo in the beginning and the use of the instrument throughout the song creates a jazz-infused setting that does justice to the song, while subtly adding that genre-bending touch. —Erin Ashley Simon

Cash Campain, "Cheat Codes" Feat. Caleborate & T. Carrier

Left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up, I keep replaying this song . Bay Area singer Cash Campain recently released his latest project, Michael in '79, and on it features a video game-inspired track called "Cheat Codes." Cash brings two other Bay Area artists to join, Caleborate and T. Carrier. All three of them add their own style, whether it is singing or rapping, to develop one addictive single. So, put down your game controllers, and give this song a click, a double click, maybe a triple click on the play button. —E.A.S.

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