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New Music Roundup: Meek Mill, Ncredible Gang & Jessie Ware

Unofficial remixes and soundtrack offerings.

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

Meek Mill, "All The Way Up (Remix)" Feat. Fabolous

Meek Mill is back punching at his weight again, this time with a championship belt wrapped around his waist, after his Billboard Music Awards Best Rap Album win. And the Philly MC is wasting no time being back on the marquee. He goes after Drake here, on the unofficial remix to "All The Way Up" with: "This is slaughter, New World Order/ I be going hard, Westbrook 4th quarter/ This is hip-hop, you ain't write it, don't record it/ I don't know how they get down across the border." He pulls no punches and his best shots run throughout his verse. Meanwhile, Loso is Kyrie to Meek's Bron Bron, pushing the pace on the bars, with a crossover of lines like: "I met a bad actress, she ain't know how to act/ I took her but I brought her back/ Don't want her back, I bought her back/ It's Matt like Hasseback/ I call my car the quarterback/ If I threw it at her, would you doubt she could catch?/ She hang like a chain, so she about to get snatched." DJ's got some blending to do.—Jayson Rodriguez

Ncredible Gang, "Snapchat (#GettinFreaky)" Feat. ItsAMovie

Nick Cannon and ItsAMovie have come together as Ncredible Gang to drop a new single entited "Snapchat (#Gettin Freaky)" and, I have to admit, when I first saw Cannon's name, I was a bit hesitant to listen to it. However, after really doing so, I can tell that it really has the club banger potential. Interestingly enough, if you listen too closely, you'll be able to hear a reference to Mariah Carey at the end. Yikes.— Erin Ashley Simon

Jessie Ware, "Till The End"

"Till the End" comes off the soundtrack of the upcoming film Me Before You, which follows the love story of an affluent quadriplegic and his small-town caregiver. Touted as the most romantic of movies, one would expect a song like this to be overly sweet and syrupy, but Jessie Ware brings some much-needed restraint. A far, rumbling drum and finger snaps usher her, and harmonizing 'oohs,' in. She uses a deeper register on the opening verse—"Don't tell me I've been dreaming/ When you're standing there in front of me/ It's just the simple things, you see/ It's all the things you do to me"—but returns to the calm jazzy tone we know so well later in the song, this time over guitar strumming. Thank goodness for Ware who turned what could have been a sapfest of a song into a respectfully-understated soulful one. —Danielle Cheesman

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