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David Banner Breaks Down "Black Fist" Video: "I Did It With A Purpose"

Banner breaks down his 'God Box' in sit-down with REVOLT.

David Banner is no longer a rapper, he's a voice box and from here on out, should be referred to as such.

In the decade since since breaking through with the bawdy "Like A Pimp," the Mississippi native has transformed into much more than just a producer-rapper. These days, instead of cooking up rollicking production and rhymes through speakers, he's spitting enlightenment and betterment to students and ambitious upstarts via his God Box lecture series. In addition, there's also his daily responsibilities, such as his media company A Banner Vision, which has produced jingles for Gatorade, Marvel, Mercedes Benz, and Disney to name a few. Simply put, it's deeper than rap for Banner.

But when rap is on his brain, Banner approaches the art form with a newfound, or better yet renewed purpose. No longer does he feel tied by the restraints that typically chokes out the content of today's music. Feeling liberated and free, Banner isn't afraid to go off. This much is evidenced on his recent string of records, including the most talked about "Black Fist." Last week, Banner complimented his truthful single with, what he has no problem referring to as, "controversial" music video. In breaking down the message behind the visual, which shows the police officer being forced to look at shocking images of African Americans being "hung," in an attempt to showcase a juxtaposition.

"I've actually been doing a lot of research, and they won’t ever tell you this, but being a cop — there’s statistics out that show being a cop now is maybe the 15th most dangerous job now [in America]," he explained. "The most dangerous job is being a roofer. Cops are not in danger anymore, and I think it was 75 percent or 80 percent of the people who are killing cops are white people. Actually, in the article [I read], they said the most dangerous person to a cop is a farmer. But if one black person does anything to a cop, you hear it all over the news."

Despite the brutal images, Banner says the video isn't meant to spark a flame, but a cognition on the societal happenings. "They want to make you feel like you’re in this state of anarchy so that they can still get their guns and their grants. But the crazy thing is now that you know that other white people are the biggest threats to cops, then why aren’t they killing young white kids the same way they’re killing young black kids. They don’t make those types of mistakes."

Banner's "Black Fist" is expected to appear on his upcoming album, The God Box. No word on when it'll arrive, but the movement behind the LP is starting to spread. Stay tuned.

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