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Jerry Springer Talks Donald Trump, Maury Povich, And Going Viral

The talk-show host took the heat from the other side of the microphone.

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

It's the chant you know all too well: "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!" And it's exactly how the hosts of The Breakfast Club welcomed Jerry Springer on their show yesterday morning (May 19). Though he's the former Mayor of Cincinnati, and served as a local news host for the city as well, the Queens-bred 72-year-old is still best known for his role as host of his eponymous talk show—which has been renewed through 2018, mind you. He spoke to The Breakfast Club about the presidential election, getting stood-up at prom, his new podcast, and more.

On how he became the King of 'Trash TV' (1:00): I was drinking [laughs]. I wasn't trained to be in entertainment; that just happened. I fell into that, you know, because I went to law school and was in politics. My first job was with Bobby Kennedy out of law school. And then when he was killed, I started practicing law and then I was still pissed off about the war in Vietnam or whatever, this was back in 1970, so I ran as an anti-war candidate for the U.S. Congress and that led to me ultimately being mayor and all that kind of stuff. My background and real interests, passions, are much more political, but then NBC hired me to anchor the news in Cincinnati and I did that for ten years. And that company owned talk shows, Phil Donahue was retiring, and so they assigned me. I mean, that's how I got the job; I was assigned. They said, 'We're staring a new talk show; you're going to host it.'

On the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (2:35): I was thinking about running against Trump, because if I ran for President they would really build a wall on the border to keep Americans from trying to get out. Everyone would believe in me [laughs]. No, I have nothing against him personally, but he has no business being President of the United States. I'm a Hillary fan, I really love her and think she's great. I loved Barack Obama before that, he was the greatest President we've had in my lifetime. The people that don't like Hillary all have to do with the charisma issue. We've never had anyone run for president that knows as much about the presidency as she does. I really want her to be President and I think if Trump is President, a lot of people are leaving the country.

On his show being 'viral' (7:35): It's 25 years old, so when we started we didn't have cellphones, but when people used to complain about what's on my show, what are people putting on their phones every single day? Whether it's Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, whatever. It's nothing more salacious; our show is not more salacious than what the kids are doing everyday on their phones.

On having a beef with Maury Povich (11:30): No, no, no. Zero. Look, my show's stupid. To anyone who says it's stupid, I say, "Yeah, and?" And I'm not a confrontational guy at all, so I don't have arguments with anyone, but I don't see Maury that often, but every time I see him, he's totally nice to me.

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