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Dear Anna, Where's My Invite To The Met Gala?

Words from a hopeful invitee.

Karwai Tang // WireImage

Today makes 70 years of fashion greatness! Before the premiere night of fashion celebrities fuss for months over their outfits for this red carpet. Arguably the only night that you MUST show up and show out NO EXCUSES. Every fashion critique imaginable has their eyes plastered to the grand steps leading in to the MET Ball. The gala is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, with ticket prices in the thousands attending the MET Gala without an invitation is a dream for any fashion fanatic. Luckily we no longer will have to dream of the experience as Vogue has put out a documentary of the gala from 2015 that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this past April. However tonight we still must wait and stargaze as the most coveted couture flashes through our instagram feeds or if you're paying attention to E! news you can catch all the action LIVE. Still a far cry from actually being their but we'll take it. Not before we have a few words with Ms. Wintour.

For some of us we've been subscribed to Vogue since infancy. Flipping through the pages of the latest issue fixated on the garments, drowning out the noises of the train while heading to the MET on a casual Saturday afternoon. Although very excited to finally see the fashion exhibit there is an air of sadness walking the hallways that many of our favorite icons had just danced on the night before. It's every mavens dreams to strut in couture from Balmain, Saab, Herrera, De La Renta, McQueen or to at least have the option. Upon placing their foot on the red blanket that covers the massive steps they'd say a silent prayer to the fashion gods that they don't trip over the many layers beneath their gowns. Walking with pride and oozing of confidence they'd glide graciously like Beyoncé into the main event. Smiling in every picture, taking every photo-op to remember the night, and of course singing their hearts out to the music preformed during the night. Grabbing their gift bags as they head for the door, off to the after party where hopefully no Beckys cause any drama. Is there an extra ticket Anna for a girl/boy like that, with hopeless dreams of rubbing shoulders with all the greats and gawking over their true appreciation of style and grace. Is there room for them to be seated at the table with fashions finest and enjoy the moment as you do every year? We think it's time you make a little space for people like that so that they too can tell the story of how they danced all night long and beat Rihanna for best dressed.

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