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Spotlight on REVOLT: Tabitha "Dear Summer"

Get to know the upstart and check out her video in rotation on REVOLT.

Nick Brazinsky

Bio: Even though she hasn't been sure about too many things in her life, one thing she's always been sure about is her purpose on this planet: Making music the world can relate to.

Tabitha was born in a small city called Leiden in The Netherlands to a Surinamese and Chinese father and a Dutch mother. After her father passed away in 2001, Tabitha was forced to grow up fast and mostly by herself. At the age of 12, she felt the only way to express herself was by writing songs to beats she found on YouTube. Soon after, Tabitha recorded her first hook in a studio. It was then that she realized making music wasn't just something she loved to do but much more than that.

"It all started as a form of medication for what I was going through," she explained. "I wasn't the easiest to handle in my teenage years. I was actually quite the rebel. I never felt like I fit in anywhere, especially not in school."

After Tabitha was kicked out of a conventional school, she found herself auditioning for a musical education program at the Pop Academy. After being accepted, she went on to become the first student ever to finish the four-year program in two years.

Tabitha has experienced her share of independent labels and management companies over her eight-year journey suggesting who she should be, but has now decided to express herself with no limits. When award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Timothy Bloom came across Tabitha on Facebook, he was so impressed that he invited Tabitha to work on music with him and join him onstage for a duet in London. The synergy was evident and for the last three months they have been working on Tabitha's debut album in Los Angeles.

Titled No Fiction, the album is written entirely by Tabitha and produced by Bloom. It features Tabitha's debut single "Dear Summer," which pays homage to the '90s R&B and hip-hop classic sound and it set to be released this spring.


Catch a breezy vibe to this homage to sounds of yesterday.

Watch her video on REVOLT the week of May 2, 2016! Let us know your thoughts by tweeting @RevoltTV and using the hashtag #SpotlightOnREVOLT

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