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How Influential Is Ian Connor?

If you're Starstuck by the '80s, here's why.

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Fashion seems to always repeat itself, which makes originality seem so far away. Some trendsetters understand this and often look at past trends to set new ones. This is customarily called being inspired by, although we've been dancing on the fine line between inspiration and stealing. All the same, these ideas can repeatedly be presented as new because there is always a new generation of new consumers that haven't been exposed to these styles. Luckily for them the internet is easily accessible and filled with so much (to them) new history. After mining through Tumblr for a view of dope #tbt pictures then applying skill with inspiration, a budding fashion icon reintroduces an old style with a new twist.

Kamylle Edwards

One person that has been really good at this is self-proclaimed "The King of the Youth," Ian Connor. He came to New York by way of Atlanta with a vintage take on street wear. Proving that you only need a couple bucks to be fly he started hanging out with the flyest crew in town the A$AP Mob. After joining the collective and being seen everywhere he has since gone on to inspire some of the biggest hip-hop stars in Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Make no mistake, his influence has a very broad reach as he has helped develop the looks of many up-and-coming stars and changed the fashion for youth. Most kids only have a couple allowance dollars to spend anyway and Ian has shown us all a way to be swaggy on a budget. (It cannot be overlooked, however, that as his style is celebrated, Connor has also been investigated recently for sexual assault, as Broadly has reported; Connor has denied the allegations and the website has listed evidence per police reports.)

Kamylle Edwards

On the heels of the Ian Connor fashion wave Bryson Tiller jumped on the scene in a dad hat. Paired with the timeless flannel and the trendy faded T-shirts, Tiller hit stages from city to city inspiring his fans with his fashion sense. The dad hat has since become one of the top-selling accessories of 2016 and you can find these hats in different variations in just about every store imaginable. The soft structure of the hat is flattering for just about everyone and now that it's so popular you don't necessarily have to be reminded of your dad.

Kamylle Edwards

The Raven of Fashion, Mr. West, has taken heavy inspiration from Ian Connor. Kanye brought the young trendsetter under his wing Kanye and has adapted some of Connor's taste to his brand. Running with the idea behind vintage concert T-shirt designs came a resurgence of airbrushed T-shirts. This time around the shirts are more form fitting and uniquely detailed in the painting technique. Very subtle differences in the style, however, have given new life to the designs and undoubtedly, these will be the hot piece to have this coming summer. And once again, everything old becomes new again.

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