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Marlon Wayans Talks New Sitcom, Boat Scandal And Quitting Parodies

The comedian and actor let loose on The Breakfast Club.

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

Marlon Wayans life and family ties have always been the forefront of his career. And that's not changing any time soon. Set to direct and star in his new family sitcom aptly titled Marlon, the latest venture will showcase "a loving but immature father" who is "committed to co-parenting his two kids with his ex-wife." Stopping by The Breakfast Club this morning (May 18), the comedian candidly snacks on bacon while teasing R&B singer Amerie, makes light of the Birdman run-in and sits in the hot seat for his infamous boat infidelity.

On His New Sitcome Marlon (00:45): It's a sitcom, loosely based on my life as an inappropriate dad trying to raise my kids with my ex and keeping it all love. Just because you are broken up, doesn't mean that you can't have a loving family.

On Being In A Relationship (8:00): You have to know who you are and what you are when you're capable of it. I've never been married and when I do get married, being faithful is definitely something I want to do. Until then, I just want to be able to make mistakes. I'm a great person, I'm just flawed like everyone else. I have a woman who loves me, through my flaws and everything. We have two wonderful children and a great family. I tell my son, 'Find a woman like your mother' and that's the greatest compliment I can tell you. At the end of the day, men makes mistakes.

On The Boundaries Of Network TV (19:00): The thing is, I learned I need boundaries. I'm crazy! If I don't have boundaries, I'll turn into a dog. I like the boundaries of network television, because I'm going to be as funny as I can for that hour they put me on. I'm going to stretch the boundaries, since my show is great family shows mixed together, like Martin and The Cosby Show. It has physical humor and it's edgy, but at the same time its family and love. It's on NBC, and when people see it, they will say 'I miss shows like this on TV.'

On Quitting Movies Spoofs (22:00): No more parody movies, I quit. Everybody thinks they can do parodies now, so why I am going to spend six to eight months writing this when people already stepped in the shit and wiped it all over YouTube? Let them have it. I want to do great stories and great comedies with a little bit of heart. For me, that's what I believe my calling is going to be. This is a thankless genre and I have so much I can do. These next twenty years I want to showcase that I do it all. I do stand-up now, specials and these are my years to be Marlon and be the best Marlon I can be. I've been part of the Wayans legacy, but I ain't shit until Marlon means something.

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