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Pell Finds Sureness Through ‘LIMBO’

The New Orleans rapper talks to REVOLT about his latest LP and more.

“They can’t stop what we came to do…” — “’93 Supreme,” Limbo

Coming out of New Orleans, rapper Pell is creeping through the rap scene with a fresh new sound that skillfully blurs the genres line.

Take a record like “Cafe du Monde” for example, or better yet last year’s impressive release, LIMBO. Reworking the elements that made Floating While Dreaming a warm, intimate, and excellent affair — thanks to its cohesive packaging of Pell’s patented “dream rap,” as Fader describes, and soundtracks of inspiration (“Dollar Store”) — the N’awlins-bred and Mississippi-based spitter takes things to a whole new level on the follow-up. Dancing on several genre lines, Pell veers into a league of his own on LIMBO, creating melodic bliss with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, all while delivering a new, undeniable energy (“Almighty Dollar,” “’93 Supreme”) to the game.

“I’m a versatile artist and I really mean that because I feel like Floating While Dreaming lived up to its name where it’s really chill and floaty, and vibe-y, and with LIMBO, I coming out swinging with a little more passion,” he tells REVOLT about the project. While passion and a new focus are indicators that are apparent on songs like the funky “Queso” and the incredibly breezy “Incomplete,” there’s also an aggression sewn within the 10-song project as well. As for where this sense of angst is built from, Pell attributes it to everyday life.

“There’s a little more angst, because I actually have real life experiences that influenced me in a different way that wasn’t influenced while making Floating While Dreaming,” he says. “[This is] because I’m growing up, you know what I mean, and as I grow up, the music evolves.”

Like the waves of an ocean, Pell is coasting and where he takes it from here after LIMBO, will be one for everyone to watch.

“Come and fly with me...”

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