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Prince Vs. Michael Jackson: A Friendly Competition Between Icons

The two battled on the charts and for the hearts of fans.

Kamylle Edwards // REVOLT

Some say stars are born and not made. This quote couldn't hold more validity today as we look back on the life of Prince. The singer created moments on stage and on screen that are embedded in the memory banks of many generations. A person with such energy, style and talent can be compared to few, and only to greatness. So it comes as little surprise that Prince and the late Michael Jackson have been in competition throughout much of their adult careers. Both artists were known for providing a captivating, immersive experience that kept their fans panting for more. From erotic dance moves to the crazy wardrobes and the songs we love, there was no shortage of fun at either of their shows.

Here, REVOLT appreciates what made both men iconic.

The Hair

Both men have set style trends through their manes. Making their looks a bit softer with a few perm rods, each wore their hair well. The transitional changes throughout their careers coupled with their hair always proved to make a statement.

The Moves

Having witnessed a time where gyrating was both salacious and provocative, Baby Boomers later gravitated towards free expression of sexuality. The pair of entertainers used there sexuality to mesmerize the crowd by moving in repeated circle motions, grabbing their crotch or showing their butt cheeks off to give us a show.

The Look

What is an icon without an iconic look? The purple rain blazer with a ruffled victorian shirt and the ankh guitar will go down as one of the most memorable outfits of all time. Similarly the worldwide success of Thriller pegged Michael Jackson with an international look that we can never forget: A red leather jacket, with black trim. Both outfits are readily available in every costume shop and appear every year on Halloween.

The Stage

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Working in entertainment at a time where the viewing experience was just as important as the songs played, both artists always designed elaborate sets that identified with who they are and their works. The iconic ankh and spaceship are moments engraved in music history.

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