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PRO-ANTI: A Rihanna #ANTIWorldTour Recap

I caught life...

Andrew Cowie // epa


As an always-since-day-one-Rihanna fan, it's almost incredulous to think I'd not seen the artist in a proper touring concert until last night.

And now? I will never be the same.

Here are the hot takeaways from Rihanna's #ANTIWorldTour show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center (and mind you... these are very biased from the viewpoint of said stan. Me.)

~ Rihanna enters from stage "back" to 'Stay'; solemn, calm, shrouded in a hooded trench. I couldn't stop thinking... "look at this GIRL in a moment of demure, yet poised, purity... baring her vocal gift (and emotions) for the massive crowd". And then she did 'Sex With Me' and fell to her writhing knees at the #YouKnowIGotTheSauce lyric and... not so innocent anymore.

~ The outfits in photos are great. In person? PHENOMENAL. And kinda Yeezy season-esque, in both costume and stage / lighting design.

~ 'BBHMM' was LIT but could have standed to be a bit longer, because... anthem.

~ I didn't sit down once.

~ ANTI-tracks'Desperado' and 'Same Ol' Mistakes' were major litty in a live setting.

~ The "dance portion" was all super hits... 'We Found Love' and 'Where Have You Been'. And YES, the slight vogue work I mentioned prior was included. Very slight for Rih, but the backup dancers death dropped FOR THEIR LIFE.

~ Ending with 'Love On the Brain' and 'Kiss It Better' was perfection. So many people started leaving then. I caught life. Watch in the Snapchat story within... I'm singing my heart out while tons of 'goers are exiting. SMDH.

~ Got a tour tee from the merch table. Never taking it off.

~ And now, the infatual fandom can continue since the 'Kiss It Better' video is out. I'm the coworker squealing from cubicle 1721. If you don't see me in a couple days... send food and water.

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