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Five Highlights From Tax Stone's "Tax Season Live" Anniversary Show


Tax Season // Loud Speakers Network

The lively social media personality turned podcaster, Tax Stone, hosted a live version of his show this past weekend in New York. The occasion? The one-year anniversary of his "Tax Season." The event drew a crowd of dedicated followers and the topics, like the host himself, were on one. REVOLT was in the building and below are the five best moments from "Tax Season Live." #BeSafeTho.

Tax Stone Marches To The sound Of His Own Drummer

A marching band literally escorted Tax Stone to the front of the theater to greet those that came out to support him. And it didn't stop there. Oh no, playboy that was just the beginning. Tax proceeded to lap the theater affectionately greeting us all, like Julius Caesar in his day with two words "Blood Up," then daps and pounds to as as he could before returning to his seat.

Rob Co-Host Miko Grimes On A Day She’s Not With Tax Stone.

Miko Grimes's husband recently made 16.5 million dollars (she helped, sort of) and despite looking like food, for the night she was safe. As Tax said "You see her any other day I'm not gonna tell you, Hey, I respect the game."

#AskTax: Biggie or Jay Z

The highlight of the night was when gears were switched to the popular #AskTax segment of his show. A young homie from East New York stepped forward and demanded the room's attention. Due to how clearly he articulated his words, nobody really believed he was from East New York.

"There's a shootout in Gersh park...." The fan said, "and you could only save one nigga, my G, JayZ or Big?"

You could visibly see Tax clutching his heart, holding his head as if he's really in Gersh Park. "Why would you even play like that," which drew crowd laughter. Tax explained he would save Biggie because Christopher Wallace is more of a father figure to him where Jay-Z is moreso a godFather that took over when Big passed away.

If You Think Your Man Don't Cheat…STFU!

Topics ranged from cheating boyfriends and how their women should expect it because they pay the bill to broke women with edges, to homeless women with 57,000 followers on Instagram to the men that entertain them. If you fall in any one of these categories Tax wants you to shut the eff up…FOREVEERRRRRR (cardi B voice).

On Dreamchasers And How Rappers Should Be Themselves

"Dreamchasers are not tough"….and that’s it, Tax said. That's all he really said about them. Tax later spoke against artists portraying the gangster lifestyle but in reality work a 9 to 5, flipping burgers. It's about music and Tax made the call to all artist to be honest and make music. All else destroys our culture.

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