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Jay Pharoah Talks Kanye, Drake And Claps Back At Haters

A surprisingly candid Breakfast Club interview ahead of his stand-up at Caroline's.

Anthony Borland // REVOLT

Jay Pharoah doesn't have a movie to premiere or a new project to promote, instead he's doing a stand-up run this weekend at New York's Caroline's comedy club and he visited the Breakfast Club to chat. The appearance, absent of promo drops, instead was funny, revealing and surprisingly featured a clapback. Check out some of the highlights below, including what happened with the Kanye West meltdown, and watch the full interview all the way at the bottom.

On Booking Music Acts

I couldn’t believe it. I was like, Yo, this is finna be dope. I was like, Are you sure? You sure you wanna do this? It was crazy. It was like watching the white people in the audience was like being at the Grammys in the audience watching Kendrick when he came out in all the prison gear. I think we should clap right now. I was surprised they had Chance up there, Chance is dope. I feel like they reaching out to the urban community to try to get more viewership. I suggested J. Cole. Drake before he got on. Drake knows how to speak the white language, so he’s definitely fine.

On Kanye’s Visit

Oh my…Yo. Yo. Ok. Dress rehearsal was way more turnt up than actual live show. The-Dream misstep and went to the wrong spot and Kanye yanked him to the right…I got video footage but I’m not gonna put it up. He like yanked him.

He didn’t say anything about it, I feel like that phone call he did like two years ago was enough for him. He spoke, on the stage. I feel like I should have spoke to him [in his voice]. I had this sketch, I have this character I do called Fredo, it got pulled. So all my Kanye sketches were non-existent.

Oh, he was mad. He was mad. He was about to walk about. My boss was running behind him like, No, no, no, we have to perform. Kanye was like, Alright, if it ain’t right, I don’t want to do it. I think they… It was just… Kanye…. he’s grandiose. He’s Kanye. Even going to the point of telling everybody in the audience to stand up. He was like, If y’all don’t stand up I ain’t gonna perform. This ‘Ye.

On Reaction To His Weekend Update/Black Comedians Impersonation

Well, one person was very mad. I don’t know if I really want to talk about it. It was a lady comedian, she was very, highly upset. That I didn’t do her. No, man, it had nothing…. Listen, I didn’t deny nor conform that it was Leslie Jones. The parties that were disappointed they just asked me, Why didn’t you say it was the men’s black comedians meeting. And I was like, Well, it just basically started. But you could have changed it. I don’t know how. I’m just doing what the white folks tell me to get this on. You feel me? They’re my peoples. I’m their peoples. I have mingled with them. But I can do another one that’s a bunch of females.

On Working With Michelle Obama

That was dope, dude. I was in the White House. All my family was in the White House. We were chilling. She reached out for that campaign and it was really a dope thing to do. Cause it hit no. 2 or no. 1 on the Billboard, for like a little bit. I had a hit song with the First Lady, that’s a way to get some ass.

On His Real Voice

This is how I talk normal, this my got dang real voice. First of all, I’m gonna let everybody know in the got damn world, this is how I sound. Because people get confused, Ah, he’s impersonating himself. I’m not impersonating myself, I’m being me got dang it. This is how the hell I sound. If you hear got daggit it, got dang, that’s how the hell I sound. You know how it is, South Carolina. You feel me? South of the Border, I know fireworks, firecrackers, all that shit. Crabs. Eat all of that. So check this out, I’m not from the North. Forget everybody in the South, that keep talking stuff, He sounds like he’s from the North sometimes. Fuck you, my mom’s from Brooklyn, that’s why I sound like that sometimes. I take both worlds and I put them together and I flip it. I feel like I needed to clear that up.

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