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Kanye West: What Should I Wear To Work?

The fashion visionary is overlooking what women wear.

The "suit jacket" is a clothing staple for business women worldwide. The tailored look of a classic A-line skirt paired with a coordinating jacket can not be replaced in the boardroom or beyond: from Uma Thurman's Mia character in "Pulp Fiction" to any number of women in "The September Issue" to Balmain on the regular.

The blazer actually dates back to the 16th century, starting in France when King Louis XIV commanded waist coats be worn as uniform for his court. This style was later adopted by women as an overcoat to protect their garments during activities like horseback riding. It ain't Ralph though, but we're sure this time period served as inspiration for Kanye West's favorite designer.

Many brands have centered their clothing lines around the working woman, dating back to Coco Chanel, who is widely credited with popularizing the woman's suit. The suit jacket is embedded in fashion as the top selling item for brands like J.crew, Balmain, YSL, St.John, to name a few. Think white tees in the 'hood. It would be a poor business decision to remove this item from any brand targeting working women. Not to mention the woman's buying power significantly trumps that of men, most of which must work to earn the money they spend.

'Ye recently made note of his dislike for this particular style. In warmer regions of the world women can avoid the added layer opting to wear a nice button-up top or any number of flowing silk/rayon tops with the appropriate silhouette for the work place.

However, often we bypass struggling to find the right top for work by adding a suit jacket, which we know is always acceptable. Through it's evolution, the jacket has come to represent professionalism, strength, and control. Women suffer many stigmas because of our sensitive nature and this item allows us to deflect that idea through our presentation. Considering most woman work (work, work, work, work) and are the most profitable consumer, let's leave it to us to decide if the suit jacket should stay.

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