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Ghostface Killah Responds To ‘Clown’ Martin Shkreli In 11-Minute PSA

"Holla at me, man."

Atsuko Tanaka // Atsuko Tanaka/Corbis

Ghostface Killah does not have time for the games and attention-grabbing shenanigans.

Last week, disgraced pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss his feud with the Wu-Tang rapper, which stemmed from the latter expressing his disdain for Shkreli and his price-gouging of an AIDS medication. In response, Shkreli not only released a “diss video,” but also said during his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club that he’d “slap” Ghostface.

Well, all of this has culminated in the grandest finale that Tony Stark himself has delivered to the web. "I don’t know how we got to this, Ghost versus Peter Pan in 2016," the Wu rapper says.

Along with poking more fun at "washed up" Shkreli and his infamous "Why aren't you're goons as hard mine" video, Ghostface crafts a well-put-together finisher to what's been the wackiest "beef" of 2016. Simply put, Ghostface proves the eternal message: Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to

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