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Here Are The Best & Worst Super Bowl 50 Commercials

The good, the bad, and the dullest ads from last night's big game.

Director X // vevo

One 30-second ad for $5 million, no big deal, right?

For every 30-second commercial aired last night (February 7) during Super Bowl 50 was an upwards of $5 million price tag. Safe to say that other than the action on the field, the Super Bowl also extends off the field, as ad agencies juke and scramble to score a touchdown with a 30-second spot. And during Sunday’s big game, plenty of brands came to win, while others were left in the dust (Um, Squarespace).

So without any further delay, we graded the good, the bad, and the dullest Super Bowl 50 commercials using fire-flame emojis, with five being the best.

Here they are:

Hyundai, "Smart Watch Remote Start"

This fast moving spot starts with feelings of the Leonardo DiCaprio hit "The Revenant,” as two campers race to their vehicle to escape some bears. Luckily they have “Smart Start" and start the car from their watch. It ends hilariously with bears proclaiming they just wanted to to hug the humans. Bear hug anyone? —Michael Piccirili


Mountain Dew, “Pet Monkey Baby”

Flat out hilarious and as crazy as last year’s commercial with the twerking dog. Much like some of those Old Spice ads, these know how to keep your attention.— Asmar Bouie


Squarespace, "Real Talk With Key And Peele"

The problem with Key and Peele is that the funniest thing they've ever done is play in their "Substitute Teacher" sketch. Even with the show on Comedy Central... I'm not sold. This commercial doesn't help add fuel to the Key & Peele entertainment fire, so for that they get one star. —Lindsey Granger


The Audi, 'Commander'

From the guy imagining a movie scene in the driver seat of the S8 to the guy who could never catch the Quatro, plus the spot-on ode to David Bowie’s “Starman,” this one is a winner. —AB


Mexico "Avocados From Mexico"

"Charles In Charge" was a childhood favorite of mine, so the fact that these aliens have Scott Baio, who played Charles, in their museum of the history of the human race is pretty awesome. Plus avocados are actually very good for which is more you can say about some of the other products being promoted during the big game. Oh, does anybody want to feed Scott Baio? —MP


Hyundai, "First Date"

This commercial demonstrates the classic theme of 'dad protecting his baby girl'. The casting was on point, bringing Kevin Hart, to play the father, and Everybody Hates Chris's Paige Hurd to play the daughter. Kevin Hart is on a hot streak right now with new movies coming out almost every other month so adding this commercial to the lineup is appropriate and hilarious. — LG


Prius “The Chase of the Century”

The Sobotka family are back! Toyota’s Prius’ Super Bowl ad left a nice golden easter egg for fans of The Wire by reuniting Season 2 alum James Ransome (Ziggy Sobotka), Chris Bauer (Frank Sobotka), and Pablo Schreiber (Nick Sobotka) for a heist that rocks a nation — but not how you think. Off the nostalgic value alone from the mini Wire reunion, this was amazing. —RB



It’s no secret that water crisis has been an issue for many years. It’s great how an issue like this can be highlighted during the Super Bowl, because it brings awareness and severity to this global issue. —AB


Pantene, "Dad-Do"

This commercial is perfection. It turns Super Bowl Sunday into more than a big game and turns the players into who they are outside of the all the gear and fame. Pantene does an excellent job at highlighting the importance of a fathers love for and child while being cute and funny all in 30 seconds time. Kudos Pantene! —LG


Kia, "The Walken Closet"

Queens, NYC's very own Christopher Walken is a living film legend and he executes his skills perfectly in this ad where he pops out of a “walk in closet" and inspires a boring man not to go through life "like a pair of beige socks.” Frank White always delivers and he does here in his classic fashion. —MP


Amazon Echo

Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin facing off in an epic war of words turned Amazon Echo promo turned out-of-nowhere premiere of Missy Elliott’s “Pep Rally,” all in under 60 seconds? Alexa: cue up Earth Wind & Fire “You Are A Winner.” —RB



C’mon, Drake remaking “Hotline Bling” is enough of reason to add this to on the ‘faves list.’ However, we got to admit that this extended version was a bit of a drag. The 30-second spot was much funnier. [Proceeds to dance inside the “Hotline Bling” box]. —RB


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