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Bobby Shmurda Wants To Fight Against Social Injustice: ‘This Gotta Stop’

More from REVOLT's conversation with Bobby Shmurda.

Mack Pittman // REVOLT

Additional reporting by Joed Esperance

[In part two of REVOLT's conversation with Bobby Shmurda, the Brooklyn rapper speaks on his current condition at Westchester County Correction, where he remains imprisoned as a May 11 trial date draws near. Below, he discusses the difference between jail and prison, his current condition behind bars, and why politics is one of his many future plans. Stay tuned for more from REVOLT's interview with Bobby Shmurda.]

"Right now I’m on 20 hour lock down, so we only come out from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., then we come out from probably like 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. It’s real strict up here, they take everything from us."

"I’m in Westchester County, they kicked me out of Rikers Island for being high-profile... It’s crazy, they lock us down like we’re animals all day. And this is not a prison, remember, this is jail. Prison is when you’re convicted for something. The prison has more freedom than us [in jail]. They’ll be outside, they walk around, they got programs, schools, they got a bunch of stuff that you can get into and they even got college courses that prisoners can take. Here [in jail], we’re just locked down all day and [guards] will beat the living hell out of you."

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“[What I do], I just be into the case all day. It frustrates me because they’re violating my civil rights and flushing it down the toilet for their political reasons and gains. The media got its stories [and] we continue to be in the prisons unfairly. It’s crazy right now.”

"When I get home, I ain’t even gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about getting into politics and everything because this thing gotta stop. I’m ready to get into social injustice and start protesting. I’m about to really be getting in tune with [this] because it’s crazy what the system is doing and how its not even following its own laws."

"I’m gonna be doing a lot of things like acting, rapping, politics everything. I’m getting into a lot of stuff when I get home."

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