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PREMIERE: Kev Rodgers speaks of struggles in South Jersey on "My Bad"

Listen to his new single only on REVOLT.


New Jersey rapper and producer Kev Rodgers premieres his newest single called "My Bad." With guest verses from fellow Jersey natives Ish Williams and 300 Ent.'s Mir Fontane, Kev Rodgers shares not only a banger but a personal journey before his upcoming project B.A.D. Things. The energetic track, produced by Kev and Kenif Muse, finds the trio as frontrunners of the $outh$ide movement, representing southern Jersey.

REVOLT spoke with Kev about his premiered song and how it feels to be making moves out of the Garden State.

kev rodgers
kev rodgers

What was the inspiration behind this song?

This song was a bit spontaneous. It was just the vibe of the session. We all are motivated to put ourselves in the best positions possible and "My Bad" is an unapologetic response to our life choices right now.

You've produced and also have done work with both Mir Fontane and Ish Williams. Tell us more about your guys' relationship. Seems to be a close bond.

Swish and Fontane are my brothers. They aren't just guys I work on music with, we go through everyday life together. We first linked around August 2013 and that really broke the ice. The chemistry is organic. I have never been in a room full of artists that inspire me to be at my best as much as they do, and vice versa. I'm proud of the journey we're taking. It's crazy to see the success that comes between us, but in a way I'm not surprised because I believed in our talent from the start. I'm proud of where we are at because we really enjoy what we do. "My Bad" is us embracing the success, while still having a good time.

As someone who's from New Jersey, it seems like NJ has a lot of hidden gems and also isn't getting as much love from the music industry as other locations. With Mir Fontane signing to 300 Ent, what do you guys hope to change or hope to see be changed when it comes to discovering talent in the Garden State?

New Jersey has a lot of talent. In South Jersey, or as we call it, the "$outh$ide," most artists believe that you can't make it out. Fontane signing to 300 Ent is just an example of what can happen when you're talented, hardworking, and have the right people in your corner. When you have everything in order, location doesn't matter. If you got it, fans, labels, and opportunities will find you. I believe that's where it starts and I hope future artists can look at Fontane, Ish, and myself as motivation. Those guys did it, so can we. Believe in yourself is a strong attribute to have and the first step needed to make it in this industry. Jersey's time is coming real soon.

This single is just a glimpse from your forthcoming project called B.A.D. Things. What should we expect from it?

B.A.D. Things stands for beauty and depression. The project captures a stage in my life where I began to battle with the highs and lows of being an artist and producer. But, also as a human going through personal struggles. I see things around me change either for the better or worse, and understanding how to balance emotions is tough. Though I see the beauty in my accomplishments, I have experienced struggles with friends, family, health, spirituality, and at times, it can be depressing. Going through so much within a short period of time has caused me to mature and want to become a better person. B.A.D. Things begins with my life at the top of 2016 and takes you on a journey to where I'm at now.

Take a listen to the REVOLT premiere of Kev Rodgers's single "My Bad" below:

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