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@FactsOnly | You cannot text in your vote

Don't believe the type.

By Amrit Singh

As a public service, let’s get this out there: You can vote at the polls on Election Day, you could have mailed in your ballot, and you can go to some polling stations to vote early. But you CANNOT vote via text. And yet, there have been ads circulating on Twitter encouraging people to do just that — ads that evidently target Hillary Clinton supporters, ads being posed by Trump stans, all in an effort to disenfranchise Democrats and give Donald a boost. This is some devious election tampering behavior, and the next wave if social media duplicity. Beware.

The offending Twitter ads feature imagery of black and Latina women, often pulled directly from Hillary Clinton’s official campaign materials, with text that includes the likes of "Avoid The Line. Vote From Home."

(Images via Washington Post)

Twitter has begun suspending the accounts posting these ads, though it’s a game of whack-a-mole: New accounts spring up just as reported ones are suspended. Twitter has stated its intention to continue policing this activity. Meanwhile, the election draws nearer. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Go to the polls, make sure your voice is heard. The lever you pull is your leverage on the entire system. REVOLT 2 VOTE.

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