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President Obama lets the Trump jokes and insults fly on "Kimmel"

"Do you ever laugh at Donald Trump?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live! // YouTube

Finishing up his "no f--ks" tour, President Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to have some laughs at the expense of Donald Trump. He talked about the candidate's debate performance, his 'Access Hollywood' scandal, and even responds directly to a tweet the Republican once sent him. Mic drop.

On if he laughs while watching Donald Trump during the debates: Most of the time.

On if he knew how big a deal Trump's hot mic 'Access Hollywood' tape would be: Yes. Didn't you?

On if he has any 'dirtbag' friends he hasn't seen during his presidency: You know, there are probably some guys who don't make vet. But they're still good guys; you've known 'em since high school!

On if he wishes he was running against Trump: I think Hillary's doing just fine. I am enjoying campaigning on her behalf.

On Trump's candidacy: Look, we joke about Donald Trump but...there is something qualitatively different about the way that Trump has operated in the political sphere....I think Republicans and Democrats have some fierce disagreements and that's how democracy works; we're a big, diverse country and sometime's it's gonna be contentious and noisy, but what we haven't seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of elections and the will of the people. What we haven't seen before is politics based on putting down, in very explicit terms, Muslim Americans who are patriots, or describing women not in terms of intellect and character but on a 1 to 10 score....There is a certain responsibility and expectation in terms of how you behave and present yourself....If you are willing to say anything and do anything even when it undermines everything that's been built by previous generations, that's a problem.

He even addressed all the ridiculous reasons people hate him by participating in Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment. Here are a few things Twitter users had to say:

"Barack Obama dances like how his jeans look."

"My mom bought new conditioner and it sucks, it isn't even conditioning my hair, I blame Obama."

"Barack Obama...bro, do you even lift?"

"Barack Obama is the Sharknado of Presidents."

But wait til he responds to Trump, himself.

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