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Tyga Tells Story How Kanye Helped Him Squash His Beef With Drake

The pair also have a lot of music in the works.

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

Tyga and Kanye are connected in a lot of ways, through music and Kardashian/Jenners, and now, through peace accords.

According to the L.A. rapper, his spat with Drake is over and it's because of Kanye.

"There ain't no tension. We cool. We on good terms. We just wasn't communicating," Tyga told Real 92.3 in an interview last night (January 26) "When you have history with someone and then you stop communicating with a person it can go any way. And anybody can assume anything and it just goes from there, and you have people in your ear. I think you should always be able to communicate with people if you have history. And really, 'Ye, he put us in a room together when he was doing his fashion show. I didn't even know he was there. We saw each other, we gave each other a hug and chopped it up on some real stuff."

Yeezy didn't stop there with the helping hand, either. Tyga revealed they have a lot of music in the pipeline, for both of their forthcoming projects. The Cali rapper even want as far as calling West the rap god.

"We actually been working on a few joints, though. And he's working on this joint that I got with him that's crazy. And then I was working on his album, that's crazy. He got some monsters. He's just the god of this. He's like the Farrakhan of rap for everybody. So its like, he's just like the leader of this. He really reaches out and incorporates the younger generation and gets everyone involved. He doesn't put artists against other artists. You gonna see him do a song with Drake and do a song with whoever. Because he wants everyone to work together. That's why I feel like he's the leader of this generation."

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