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Chrisette Michele On Life "Without Any Inhibitions Or Judgments"

She's back and ready to be herself more than ever.

Chrisette Michele has hit that sweet spot in a grown woman's life when she knows who she is, does exactly what she wants and knows when to say "no."

The title of her forthcoming album, Milestone, is fitting for a Long Island, New York native, who, during a 10-year music career, has managed to test an array of genres and work with Nas, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kanye and countless other hip-hop favorites. In the past, she's shied away from admitting to label heads how much she loves hip-hop, but after years of experience in an industry that's tough on women, she's managed to break the barriers and launch her own label where she can be who she wants, when she wants.

The recently engaged singer told REVOLT her fans are growing with her and they shouldn't be afraid of her embracing all aspects of her life in music. She promises that her new album will be a fusion of R&B, soul and hip-hop and she's aspiring to get features from "eclectic hip-hop heads" like Kendrick Lamar, SZA and even Little Dragon.

Chrisette knows for sure that now is a fun time in music. A time where artists have the capability to play with genres and make them "broader and less judgmental." She refuses to be classified as an "urban" artist when her range is much more and it may have taken a decade for her to hit this Milestone but she's standing firm in her truth.

The young label owner isn't afraid of genre-bending either. She believes that true creatives "like Miguel" are paving the way for the future of rhythm and blues music. When asked if R&B is dead she reflected on her recent experience in an LA studio with Tyrese. "Oh, God Bless Tyrese. I got to hang out with him working on his last album and when I tell you that man was fighting for R&B the way that Nas was fighting for hip-hop back in the day," she explained. "Remember when we thought hip-hop died...but it didn't, it was alive and well. I think R&B is alive and well."

People love Chrisette for her unique voice, heavy scatting and jazz influence and her ability to make a rap song sound like a lullaby, but her new sound on her latest offering titled "Steady" takes a different approach. The self-described trap soul number is more trendy than any of her past singles but that's because this time she is owning her full self. She describes this moment in her life a time where she's tapping into her "fun" side and as a time where she's making music "without any inhibitions or judgments."

Watch the video below for the full interview.

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