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Rick Ross Countersues Landscapers, Claims Extortion

Ross is taking precautions with allegations of kidnapping and assault by a groundskeeper.

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

Rick Ross is taking precautions with allegations of kidnapping and assault by a groundskeeper.

Ross filed a countersuit against Jonathan Zamudio and Leonardo Caceres, who claim the rapper attacked them at his home outside Atlanta.

The “Hustlin’” rapper was arrested on June 24 and accused, with his bodyguard, of assaulting and kidnapping Zamudio, a landscaper for Ross, on June 7 in Georgia.

He and Caceres, another landscaper, along with several of the former’s family members, filed a lawsuit last month.

In a countersuit filed Wednesday (September 23), Ross says the two men weren’t supposed to be on his property and disputes the alleged altercation, calling their lawsuit an attempt at extorting money from him.

In a statement to a local Fox News syndicate, Ross’ attorney, Leron Rogers of the law offices of Lewis, Brisebois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP Attorneys, believes the claims by Zamudio and Caceres lack “credible evidence.”

“At its core, these trumped up allegations lack credible evidence and are an attempt at extorting money from Mr. Roberts,” wrote Rogers. “From the 911 call that doesn’t mention an assault or injuries, to the notion that Mr. Roberts kidnapped his accusers, when they were in fact trespassing on his property without permission. And, the mere association between Mr. Roberts’s accusers and Mr. Curtis Jackson, speaks volumes to their lack of credibility and the likelihood of collusion.”

Take a look at Ross countersuit below.

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit addresses landscapers Jonathan Zamudio, Leonardo Caceres and others who brought the August 25, 2015 lawsuit against Mr. Roberts seeking money damages from an alleged assault and battery by Mr. Roberts and his associate Nadrian James.

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit outlines counts including: Defamation Per Se, Defamation, Trespassing, Conversion, Civil Theft, Bad Faith, Damages, etc…

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit names Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson – Mr. Roberts asserts that the suit is an attempt to extort him for money; instigated, in part, by Ross nemesis, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The filing included a photo exhibit showing one of the plaintiffs with Jackson, showcasing a taunting caption reading “You Pay Now.”

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit counters kidnapping claim — Zamudio and Caceres were staying in Ross’ “guest house” without permission, unlawfully trespassing.

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit counters physical assault claim — the included 911 transcript (call placed hours after alleged altercation) does not mention any physical assault or injuries.

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit addresses Mr. Zamudio’s criminal past.

Mr. Roberts’ countersuit addresses Mr. Zamudio’s possible drug paraphernalia left on the premises.

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