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Taylor Swift's 1989 Guest List: Who's Next?

The pop star is making a habit of surprises on her current tour.

Christopher Polk // Getty Images

What happens when you run out of people to join you on stage? Taylor Swift will never know. Her 1989 World Tour is well underway and with special guests ranging from The Weeknd, Julia Roberts and Fifth Harmony to Ellen Degeneres, Russell Wilson and Fetty Wap, there are limitless possibilities on who she might bring out next. #ContactsOnFleek

To ease the anxiety of wondering when your favorite human will pop up next to Taylor, we've created a "Best Guess" list of who T.Swizzle might bring out during her next 20+ shows. Note: What we say is not law, just we just threw ideas at the wall until a few stuck. But, when they do happen....props.

SAINT PAUL, MN (9/11 - 9/13)

A good guess: Lindsey Vonn, Worldcup ski racer; she's a bombshell, so she'd fit right into the pop star's model set, aside from the fact that she's a local native.

A better choice: Adrien Peterson, running back for Minnesota Vikings; AP could use some good publicity to go along with a bounce back season.

It could happen, right?: Serena Williams, not the 2015 Grand Slam winner. Our girl didn't quite achieve the feat, whether you wanna #BlameDrake or not. In other words, she has some time on her hands. It's like the old Snickers commercials....Wanna get away?

COLUMBUS, OH (9/17 - 9/18)

A good guess: Shad Moss FKA Bow Wow, actor FKA rapper; it's his hometown and he's the type that would prolly call Taylor before she called him.

A better choice: R.L. Stine, "Goosebumps" author; just feels very Swifty.

It could happen, right?: Donald Trump, ???; OK, maybe not.

KANSAS CITY, MO (9/21-9/22)

A good guess: Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress; they've probably already been texting about it.

A better choice: Janelle Monae, singer; she's born and bred in the area and could teach Taylor some "Yoga."

It could happen, right?: Empire actor "Trai Byers" is from here; ZOMG.

NASHVILLE, TN (9/21-9/22)

A good guess: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, country superstars; they're Taylor's musical parents.

A better choice: Miley Cyrus, pop superstar; because it would be hilarious.

It could happen, right?: 50 Cent, vodka owner; is it a paying gig, though?

ST. LOUIS, MO (9/21-9/22)

A good guess: Nelly, Real Husbands Of Hollywood cast member; can you image them dueting for "Hot In Herre"? (Us neither.)

A better choice: Akon, singer and music impressario; Taylor. Dancing. To. "Soul Survivor."

It could happen, right?: The "Why The F*ck You Lying" Vine guy; because, LOLz.

TORONTO, ON (10/2- 10/3)

A good guess: Justin Beiber, professional Bieber inhabitor; too easy?

A better choice: The Weeknd, singer and labelmate; good for business.

It could happen, right?: Drake, Drake; would Taylor make his hotline bling?


A good guess: Joe Biden, VP; what better way to announce his campaign than with Stephen Colbert America's Sweetheart?

A better choice: T-Boz and Chill, TLC; Swift outfitted in baggy jeans and T-shirts with condoms pinned on them would be everything, amirite?

It could happen, right?: Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks and Skittles spokesman; you already know why he's here.

OMAHA, NE (10/9-10/10)

A good guess: Hillary Swank, actress; she looks like her older sister.

A better choice: Silento, rapper; because, why hasn't this hapenned, already?

It could happen, right?: Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, actress and NBA superstar; because there's a lot of options for Miami.

FARGO, ND (10/12)

A good guess: Kellan Lutz, model and actor; not much here.

A better choice: .....

It could happen, right?: .....


A good guess: Miranda Lambert, singer; just feels right.

A better choice: Lil B, BasedGod; just feels Based.

It could happen, right?: Matthew McConaughey, actor; this.


A good guess: Backstreet Boys, boy band; ...this will be their comeback, for sure.

A better choice: John Calipari, University of Kentucky men's hoops coach; he already has Drake on board, now he could diversify.

It could happen, right?: George Clooney, local son; because Jimmy Kimmel needs a new sketch to go viral.

GREENSBORO, NC (10/21, 10/24)

A good guess: Clay Aiken, singer; He'll have a chance to be an "American Idol" all over again.

A better choice: Rick Flair, The Nature Boy; to be the (wo)man, you got to beat the (wo)man....WOO! SipsTea

It could happen, right?: Zach Galifianakis, "Hangover" dude/actor; akljflkadjflk;alksjrlkejlk;sjrlks.

MIAMI, FL (10/27)

A good guess: Rick Ross, the biggest bawse; pears for everybody!

A better choice: Pitbull, Mr. 305; this is a layup.

It could happen, right?: Gloria Estefan, local legend; now this would make some noise (get it, cause, Miami Sound Machine? Dahwell.)

TAMPA, FL (10/31)

A good guess: Tinashe, singer; listen, gonna be honest here, we tried to line this up as a #WCW and it didn't work out with the dates, but Tinashe <3 <3 <3.

A better choice: Brittany Snow, "Pitch Perfect" actress; costumed fun!

It could happen, right?: Nick Minaj, Head Barbie in Charge; trick or treat?

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