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Young Thug Snaps At Plies For Posting A Video Of His Daughter On Instagram

Then Plies responds, then Thugger fires back.

David Wolff - Patrick // Getty Images

Atlanta rapper Plies took to Instagram last night (September 11) with a “CURRENT MOOD” post of Young Thug’s daughter using profane language. The 15-second video shows Thugger’s daughter rubbing her eyes and nose, and cursing repeatedly, and under the video Plies placed captions using degrading hashtags: “#BihFeelLikeMeBih."

“I’m muhf**kin’ tired”, the baby girl repeats starring into the camera, with a row of silver capped teeth.

We all can image the response of social media, and her father, to say least. Thug almost immediately responded, abruptly warning in the comments section, “Get this s#@t off yo page or its problems my n%$#a not asking no more on slime.”

Thug also responded on Instagram with a video threatening Plies to delete the post.

“Man listen, I want everybody in the world to @ this f#@k n$#%a Plies and tell this p#^#y a## n@@%a if he don’t take this muhf#$kin’ video down of my daughter off his muhf#$kin’ page, calling her out her name, it’s gonna be problems. If he down get it down today, on everything I love it’s problems. I’m with whatever you wanna be with, p$#%y a@# f^&k n*$#a.”

Plies has since deleted the post—but you can view it here—and as of an hour ago, Plies replied on Instagram clarifying his intent behind the post.

“First and foremost, Ill never dis respect nobody children never have and never will. I put an IG post of a lil girl, I ain’t know who da f$$k she was. All I know is she was speaking on how I felt n%$#a, and still feel like she speaking for me, and if you had a problem with it f#$k n#&%a, you ask me to take it down, you don’t threaten me to do nothing p#&%y n&*%a.”

The Beef continues to rage between the two rappers as Young Thug posted another video on Instagram, several moments later, but appears to have deleted.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa big guy. You sound like you a lil frustrated and mad. Knowing damn well you was dead as wrong, b$#@h a$# n^%$a. You said you don’t disrespect a person’s kids, but you calling my daughter a b#@!h, several times. Get the video down, f%$k n&%#a.”

Still seemingly infuriated about his daughter’s video, Young Thug mentioned that he would never condone his daughter using that kind of language, and he would’ve never put it on the Internet.

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