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Music Video Roundup: Kelela, Wavves And Stromae

A broad range of new visuals from some of our favorites.

Mat Hayward // Getty Images

Kelela, “Rewind”

Kelela returns with her seductive video for “Rewind,” for the second single from her upcoming EP Hallucinogen. In the video, while freely dancing beneath flickering blue and red lighting, Kelela intimately takes us through various environments singing about the one she can’t let go. Like the name of her EP, the person whom she can’t quit is like a drug, their love is too intoxicating and invigorating to abandon. As the viewer, we feel like she’s only speaking to us, like we’re the one she can’t leave.

Wavves, “Way Too Much”

Life, simply put, is about finding your meaning, and with the video “Way Too Much,” Wavves is on the hunt for that. “Here I am, I'm just stumbling and I'm looking for a purpose,” lead vocalist Nathan Williams sings, as visuals of wrestling matches plays out. Halfway through we finally see the protagonist of the video, who’s gearing himself up for the big fight against the reigning champ. As the two duke it out, the protagonist continually gets knocked out. “'I’ve given up and now I'm on the ground/ I'm slowly sinking into nothing,” Williams sings. The protagonist unfortunately loses, thinking this is his purpose. Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t.

Stromae, “Quand C’est?”

“Quand C’est” (“When Is It?”), is an eerie double entendre. In French, the phrase is a homophone for cancer, which, in the video, takes shape as the frightening beast that continually surrounds Stromae. "Oh yes, we know each other well/ You even tried to get my mother/ Starting with her breasts/ And my father's lungs,” he sings. The Belgian vocalist’s lanky body and nimble choreography fit well with the video’s black and white aesthetic, as the monster—which is almost vulture-like—attacks Stromae. He tries to fend it off but to no avail.

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