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Mykki Blanco Swims Free In Latest Video 'Coke White, Starlight'

By far one of the more wilder videos we’ve seen.

Mykki Blanco // Dazed Digital

Creative, unorthodox visuals are a Mykki Blanco staple. But in the artist's latest video, is by far one of the wildest to date.

Revisiting his comeback track from earlier this year, “Coke White, Straight,” undergoes an awakening of ferocious artistry with a multi-faceted push of sonic and aesthetic boundaries. Directed by Tristan Patterson, the druggy, dramatic clip culminates in an ocean swim before she takes an octopus hostage in a deserted cave.

Premiering on Dazed, Blanco said:

"We wanted to allude to the darker side of ‘gay life’, (with) a stylised portrayal of perhaps what most heterosexual people don’t see. Right now in London and New York there is a bit of an epidemic going on with loads of gays taking drugs and having chemsex sessions. The hedonism is so 80s, but the whole thing is extremely lonely and unhealthy, with most of it happening on gay hook-up apps. I get tired of the ‘World Against the Homosexual’ motif, so I wanted to make reference to how the LGBTQ (community) can also eat itself alive sometimes rather than unifying."

Director Patterson added:

"I felt like setting Mykki against the birthplace of western civilization was a potentially interesting juxtaposition. But I was also just really excited and curious about this unique moment in her life as an artist and where she was going to take it. I arrived in Athens with no plan, no agenda. We’d shoot all day and talk all night and somehow through this intense, insane creative process, we made a film together that I think captures this really personal experience we shared in such a crazy, cinematic way."

Watch the short film below.

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